Transforming Lives & Neighborhoods

Through Art, Community Development, & Education

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We are a grassroots non-profit organization reaching hundreds of Detroit youth and families. Our two main programs are Detroit rePatched and The RED. Detroit rePatched is our arts-infused green space and art hub in Detroit's Brightmoor neighborhood where we connect Art + Land, Art + People, and Art + Home. The RED is our interactive children's art museum that we are re-opening in Detroit's Piety Hill neighborhood this summer.

For the past two years, we have been continuing to build on the work that I began in 2012 through my small business called Live Coal Gallery, LLC. A lot of work has been done since, but we have a lot more to do! As a newly established non-profit, we have relied heavily on grants to support our work. In fact, let me be transparent with you. Less than 2% of our support comes from individual donations! If you know non-profits, you know this is a recipe for disaster. Though we are thankful for the grants received, we know this is not sustainable. One of the most practical and sure ways to thrive and survive as a non-profit is to receive unrestricted support for your programs and operations through individual donations. This is where we hope that you, our friends and followers, make a positive and pivotal change in Live Coal's trajectory!

Your donation is integral to keeping our organization moving forward towards sustainability. Your donation will allow us to keep our doors open and programs available, especially to the many youth, families, and creatives we serve. One of our major goals this year is to re-open The RED and to hire a Program Director. Up to this point, I have been the single employee of the organization and am eagerly anticipating adding to our team!

Will you consider making a one-time, monthly, or annual tax-deductible donation to Live Coal? Will you share this with others you believe would want to support art, community development, and education in Detroit?

Give today and see your donation make a real impact on the city of Detroit and its residents!


Yvette Rock, Executive Director